About Jamie Auld

Hello! My name is Jamie Auld and I am the photographer and editor of Jamie Auld Photography. Based on the Gold Coast, Australia; I have been a professional photographer since 2009 and specialising in architectural photography since 2012. Building an architecture portfolio was initially achieved by starting my career in real estate photography. By approaching several agencies, I gradually grew my business to include clients with luxury and prestige properties across the Gold Coast. This naturally led to me refining my techniques and learning how to use light to get the most out of interior design and architectural projects.

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Jamie Auld
Architectural and Interior Photographer

After graduating high school, I took a break from formal schooling to relax before returning to university. In that time off however, I found my way into photography and never looked back. With a background in graphic design and web building, I had every intention of turning one of those into my career. 

Once I purchased my first camera, everything seemed to flow and the way the camera functioned just made sense. This hobby rapidly turned into paid work and I began the progress of finding my passion which ultimately was architectural and interior work. This area of photography allows me to finesse specific elements and compose shots with thought and intent. This time and dedication let me create final images that my clients loved and that I was proud of.

Jamie Auld Photography - Sage Apartments Display, Merrimac

Away from Photography

In my spare time, I am a self-confessed gaming nerd. Everything from computer gaming to boardgames, I love getting together with friends and enjoying a bit of light-hearted competition. While photography has been a hobby of mine since I left high school, I always find myself playing both electric and acoustic guitar to unwind. With a love for most types of music, I always have something new to learn and listen to.

When on site alone for larger projects or consistent clients, I often find myself listening to my music. I find this allows me to observe the surroundings from a fresh perspective. Some of my favourite images on these projects have been taken while I just walk around, sit on furniture and look at the project differently.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you on your next project. Please visit the Contact page to get in touch!