When booking a photography session, it is important to understand the Terms of Hire along with how image licensing works. On top of that, when you make a booking or get in touch, it is assumed that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy listed on this website.

Below, you will find all the day-to-day Terms of Hire as well as a simplified Frequently Asked Questions list regarding the session itself, how images can be used, types of licensing and other helpful topics that are worth noting. If you have any additional questions regarding the Terms of Hire when booking or organising a photo session, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Terms of Hire

When you hire Jamie Auld Photography to photograph your project, you need to know what you can expect and also, what is expected of you to make sure the session you are purchasing is completed to its highest potential. By reading these Terms of Hire, you will know what is required both by you and what you can expect from me in delivering your images and videos.

1) Copyright © is retained by Jamie Auld on all photography and videography delivered by Jamie Auld or Jamie Auld Photography as a company.

– Copyright is retained by Jamie Auld (photographer) and images are licensed to you (the vendor) for the intended use agreed on at the time of booking.
– By default, all images are licensed to one end client, be it personal or to an agency. (See licensing below for more details)
– The photographer holds the right to use any and all images in promotional work, social media, advertising and may use generic images for other clients without notice. The photographer also holds the right to resell images at a later date to agents and/or vendors upon request.
– Additional charges for post-processing may be charged up to $75/image if extensive work is required. Extensive editing of the images will not be made available when the images could be used to mislead or falsely advertise a project. Eg; the removal of other buildings, houses, trees or anything else that could be considered misleading or false advertising.

2) Jamie Auld Photography guarantees that all images are the following:

– All images will be accurately portrayed in relation to room size, colour balance and brightness to the best of my ability. All equipment used in these shoots is carefully selected to help show each room accurately.
– Lenses used in each session will not excessively enlarge room sizes, as it can be linked with misleading marketing and legal issues. As such, architecturally specific lenses are used in the majority of most photo sessions
– Vertical and horizontal alignment will be corrected as much as possible. eg; no leaning walls, excessively warped furniture, etc.
– The project will be photographed as is and the images will not be extensively manipulated to remove items. For hygienic and safety reasons I may refuse and ask someone to move personal products and other items that may devalue the photograph for any live-in projects (eg; new builds for vendor who is already living on site). 
– For 'Live In' projects, please refer to the Property Presentation Checklist for full details on how to most effectively present the project and ask anyone living on site to follow this to the best of their ability in areas that are to be photographed. 
– All images will be delivered fully edited in both High Resolution and Web-Ready jpegs only unless requested otherwise. Web-Ready images are delivered pre-optimised for retina ready websites and are suitable for projects being listed on Domain and REA listing sites

3) All rights and copyright of the images/media remains with the photographer. Payment for photography grants you a license for the right to use them. To clarify this, all available licensing details are below. Anyone who downloads and uses images from the internet illegally will also be required to pay for their own licensing under one of these categories in order to continue using the photos. Failure to make payment on your license will result in all images needing to be taken offline and removed from all advertising at your own cost.

End User/Standard Real Estate: A license to use the images has been purchased by a single End User, usually a real estate agency/agent or vendor. The images can only be used for the purpose of this specific real estate listing and cannot be used for other listings of the same floor plan, contractor portfolios or any other means. This license may also cover commercial/shop-front real estate for sale/for lease listings however, does not include portfolio sessions, new developments, large commercial agencies and showroom style ‘off-the-plan’ properties.

Relicensing Existing Images: If you love the images I have provided a client and you would like to purchase them for your own listing, images are then relicensed to you on a price-per-image system. Prices for each image vary depending on the type of image it is and the intended purpose of the images. Please contact me directly with details on the photo shoot so I can provide a quote for relicensing the images.

End User/Extended Real Estate: This license is similar to the End User/Standard Real Estate; however, is designed for properties that are going to be marketed by multiple agents or agencies. Typical for projects that are being sold or leased ‘Off the Plan’ where a particular property is marketed across a wider platform than a normal property.

Portfolio License: Typically for custom designs, new developments and showrooms. Custom quotes are provided for these types of licenses, please visit the link below and contact me via my other website. Due to the nature of these types of sessions, most Portfolio License photo shoots include an End User/Extended Real Estate license is included to allow for complete marketing capability.

Full Copyright Transfer: This is not actually a license, this is the most uncommon type of request that I receive when it comes to image ownership. A Full Copyright Transfer may be requested at the time of booking/quoting which means the images or media provided at the end of the session are no longer owned by myself or my company/s. Transferring of the copyright to another party results in the images being unusable for my own promotion, marketing or portfolio nor does it allow me to license images to other third party suppliers (such as tradesmen or agents who may have worked on the project). As a result, the cost of a Full Copyright Transfer is considerably higher than any license to take that into account that I and my company will be giving up any right to the images. Images are also not kept after delivery to avoid any potential infringement on copyright so it is highly recommended that all images after delivery be backed up to multiple physical or digital storage services.

License Durations:

Real Estate Licenses are maintained for the duration of a single agent or agency holding a listing. This is typically 60-90 days but flexibility is provided as the market can and does fluctuate. The only time to renew a license is if a new agency will be coming into a listing under the Standard Real Estate license, Extended Real Estate licenses are exempt from this renewal.

Short-Term licenses are typically renewed every 6 or 12 months depending on the client's needs. These are usually needed for short-run marketing campaigns for larger companies where a limited run of prints or advertisements are going to be made for a particular project. These can always be renewed if the images are needed again at a later date, however, in the world of Architectural photography, its not overly common.

Perpetual/On-going licenses are the most common amongst builders and architects who are wanting images to be used as part of a portfolio for a longer period of time to highlight their past works. As such, unless under a special circumstance where a Short-Term license is required, a Perpetual/On-going license is typically provided by default with Commercial Licenses. When a Perpetual/On-going license is provided, the images may be used indefinitely under the specific license (Web Only or Print & Web).

4) Bookings are confirmed either via phone call, text or email. If a photo shoot is cancelled without warning (eg, property is inaccessible for the photographer, property is unpresentable), a call-out fee may be applied. In the event that weather is extremely poor and unworkable, no charge will be applied to reschedule the photo shoot to the next available session time.

Please contact me at www.jamieauldphotography.com.au for booking sessions with extended & portfolio licenses

5) Invoicing and payment requirements:


All photo sessions will be quoted prior to the booking being confirmed. All payments must be finalised before the final images are delivered. If the client would like to see sample images of the photo session, watermarked images may be uploaded to a private proofing gallery for viewing. Once full payment is made, watermark free images will be delivered to your nominated email account/s as soon as possible.


All invoices are sent via email with Direct Deposit as the preferred method of payment. All invoices MUST BE PAID no later than the “Payment Due By” date listed on the invoice, typically required within 7 days of the invoice being issued.

6) Specialised photography and videography packages are available upon request. Feel free to contact me directly at hello@jamieauldphotography.com.au or call at ph.0448 942 415

7) These terms may be changed or updated without notice.

If you have questions regarding the above Terms of Hire, please Contact me and I shall answer any questions you have.


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